We honor these fine fellow officers with this page in tribute to their memory and passion for the law enforcement profession and the citizens that they served. These 4 officers have fallen while in the line of duty in protecting and serving the citizens of Gibson County. 

Policeman Harrison Clement Hitch

Harrison C. Hitch

Princeton Police Dept.

May 11, 1913

Trooper William Joseph Trees

William J. Trees

Indiana State Police

June 26, 1972

Patrol Officer Michael Edward Deno

Michael E. Deno

Oakland City Police Dept.

February 29, 2000

Deputy Jed Fisher

Jed Fisher

Gibson County Sheriff's Office   

October 3, 2001 

We Remember The Officers

We remember the officers who changed our lives,
The men and woman who protected us day and night,
People who respect for their dedication to the cause,
For when faced with danger, they never even pause.
We remember the officers who always stood true,
Whatever the color of uniform, brown gray or blue,
With pride and integrity they say "To serve and protect",
For the giving of their life, we offer our respect.
We remember the officers who we never really knew,
Persons strong enough to answer the challenge are few,
With heavy hearts we mourn the officers in eternal rest,
There's more to these people than the badge on their chest.

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