You can bond inmates out 24/7 by visiting the lobby of the jail and pressing the silver intercom box to speak with a jailer.  Bond can be made by cash (exact change only), or by credit card.  There are additional surcharges when using a credit card.
You can also process a credit card bond by visiting the following link:

Please note that payments made online are set to a maximum of $2500.

Gov Pay Location Codes:

Visit and enter the correct code:

Bond/Bail: 1020

Tax Warrants: 1332



                              BAIL BONDS 10% CASH 

CLASS D FELONY   $7500.00  $750.00 

CLASS A MISDEMEANOR  $6500.00  $650.00 

CLASS B MISDEMEANOR  $5500.00  $550.00 

CLASS C MISDEMEANOR  $4500.00  $450.00 

      Bond shall be based on each charge filed against a Defendant. For example, a Defendant charged with OWI (Class A Misdemeanor) and Resisting Law Enforcement (Class A Misdemeanor) shall post either a bail bond (commonly called a surety bond) in the amount of $13,000.00 or the 10% cash alternative in the amount of $1300.00. 

      The above schedule applies when there is no arrest warrant and is subject to modification only upon order of the Judge of the Superior or Circuit Court. When an arrest warrant is issued the above schedule will not apply as the full bail bond (surety bond) or the cash bond alternative (normally 10% of the full bond) will be listed on the warrant. If an individual is arrested for a Class A, B or C Felony, bond will be set by the judge. 

      No Defendant shall be released on bond unless there is a signed promise to appear properly filled out by the Clerk's Office or the Sheriff's Office.


      An individual with an out of state license or address shall post double the amount of bond as calculated pursuant to this schedule