The Gibson County Sheriff's Office and Jail, an equal opportunity employer, employs numerous civilian and sworn individuals to carry out its task of law enforcement and offender correction. These employees are a vital part of this governmental organization.
These documents are provided in PDF format and may be downloaded for your use. Click the appropriate link on the FORMS section of this website for the position(s) for which you are applying. Print all pages of each document and complete in pen (do not use a computer or typewriter). Submit the forms either in person at or by mail to the Gibson County Sheriff's Office, 112 E Emerson St, Princeton, IN 47670.

Some Indiana County Sheriff's Offices are using a third party (Empco) to administer tests for employment with their agency.  Gibson County is NOT one of the counties that uses this other company.  This company charges you to take a test through an Ivy Tech site as part of an application process.  If you are being told that you need to take this test for employment with the Gibson County Sheriff's Office, you are not being told correctly.  If we would partner with Empco in the future, we will post information about it on our web site.

Gibson County Sheriff's Office is an equal opportunity employer. 



The Gibson County Sheriff\'s Office

is taking applications for the following position:


Full-time Corrections Officer (Jail)


Applications can be picked up at the

Gibson County Sheriff\'s Office at

112 E. Emerson Street

Princeton, Indiana


7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Monday thru Friday.


Applications can also be obtained through the FORMS section of this website.



Taking applications until all positions are filled.



Gibson County Sheriff\'s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer.